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Jennifer Lily Horowitz

A.B. Harvard College '19

M.S. USC Spatial Sciences Institute '21

Harvard Graduate School of Design (degree candidate) 

Host of the Harvard GSD's Harvard on the Map

Jennifer graduated from Harvard College cum laude in 2019 where her coursework focused on GIS and remote sensing. After graduating, Jennifer pursued an M.S. in Geospatial Data Science from USC's Spatial Sciences Institute. Jennifer began her graduate work in the fall of 2020 at Harvard's Graduate School of Design (GSD) where her research centers on Computational Design of cartographic interfaces and the application of mixed reality to geographic data.

In her free time, Jennifer volunteers for GIS Corps, a volunteer organization that provides digital mapping services to at risk populations, emergency services, and disadvantaged communities. Additionally, Jennifer is an avid drone enthusiast and recently received her FAA Part 107 UAV license. 


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