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An Interview with Professor Jason Ur
Director of the Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis (CGA)
HontheMap 1: Director of the Harvard Center of Geographic Analysis (CGA)9/26
00:00 / 29:15
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An Interview with Tyler Radford
Executive Director of Humanitarian OpenStreetMap
HontheMap 2: Executive Director of Humanitarian OpenStreetMap9/26
00:00 / 24:40
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An Interview with John Nelson
Esri Maps and UX
HontheMap 3: Esri's John Nelson9/26
00:00 / 22:03
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An Interview with Bonnie Burns
Head of Geospatial Services, Harvard Map Collection
Honthemap 4: Head of Geospatial Services at the Harvard Map Collection9/26
00:00 / 08:34
An Interview with Dr. Charles Walcott
Cornell University Professor Emeritus
HontheMap 5: Cornell's reknowned ornithologist on internal GPS/mapping in homing pigeons10/2
00:00 / 11:56
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An Interview with Jarrett Walker
Jarrett Walker + Associates
HontheMap: Jarrett Walker of Jarrett Walker + Associates10/9
00:00 / 12:22
An Interview with Dr. Michael Tischler
National Geospatial Program, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
HontheMap: Director of the National Geospatial Program, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)10/17
00:00 / 20:34
An Interview with Ariel Seidman
CEO and Founder of Hivemapper
HontheMap: CEO and Founder of Hivemapper10/26
00:00 / 18:13
An Interview with James Wu
CEO and Co-Founder of DeepMap.ai
HontheMap: CEO and Co-Founder of DeepMap11/2
00:00 / 28:21
An Interview with Nick Rabinowitz
(former) Senior Software Engineer at Uber, current Senior Software Engineer at Unfolded
HontheMap: Senior Software Engineer at Unfolded11/7
00:00 / 24:20
An Interview with Todd Simon
Principal and Co-Founder of Geospatial Alpha 
HontheMap: Principal and Co-Founder of Geospatial Alpha11/21
00:00 / 24:36
An Interview with Matt McNabb
CEO and Co-Founder of Native Data
HontheMap: Co-Founder and CEO of Native Data11/28
00:00 / 25:44
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An Interview with @Damselindata
Computer Science and Machine Learning Tik Tok Influencer
HontheMap: Computer Science and Machine Learning Tik Tok Influencer12/5
00:00 / 09:12
An Interview with Stephen Wood
Senior Director, Maxar Technologies
HontheMap: Senior Director, Maxar Technologies2/19
00:00 / 18:45
An Interview with HERE Technologies CEO Edzard Overbeek
CEO of HERE Technologies
HontheMap: CEO of HERE Technologies2/20
00:00 / 15:11
An Interview with Dr. Anita Graser
Researcher at Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) and creator of MovingPandas
HontheMap: Dr. Anita Graser2/27
00:00 / 20:49
An Interview with Dr. Raj Singh of Intergraph Systems (Hexagon Geospatial)
Product Manager and Developer, Intergraph Systems
HontheMap:Raj Singh3/1
00:00 / 17:52
An Interview with Eric Robsky Huntley
Joint-Lecturer at MIT DUSP and the Harvard GSD
HontheMap: Dr. Eric Robsky Huntley3/8
00:00 / 27:13
An Interview with Sean Gorman
CEO and Co-Founder of Pixel8.Earth
HontheMap: CEO and Co-Founder of Pixel8.Earth3/15
00:00 / 23:10
An Interview with Whitney Kotlewski
Co-Founder of Black Girls M.A.P.P
HontheMap: Co-Founder of Black Girls M.A.P.P. and Senior UX Architect at Esri3/21
00:00 / 32:32
An Interview with Michael Pearce
CEO of Predict.re
HontheMap: CEO of Predict.re4/3
00:00 / 13:44
An Interview with Joe Morrison
Head of Product Success and Impact at Umbra and the voice of geospatial blog 'A Closer Look'
HontheMap: Head of Product Success and Impact at Umbra4/11
00:00 / 30:42
An Interview with Dr. Walter S. Scott
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Executive Vice President at Maxar Technologies
HontheMap: CTO and Executive Vice President at Maxar Technologies4/18
00:00 / 21:04